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Formed in 2014, award winning vocal & performance group T-Party is comprised of Singer Songwriters Viktor Victoria, Farrah Mills & Antonia Wood. Having met whilst performing and hosting together in many of London’s LGBT spaces, the Trio swiftly went from niche club act to fully fledged dance pop group.
After an overwhelming response from the London club scene, the girls began performing together on a regular basis, eventually recording their debut single, the hooky dance track ‘Ladyboy Lover’, accompanied by a music video which HAS amassed over FIFTy thousand views on YouTube. The song is much more than a tongue in cheek catchy tune; it carries a defiant message of Trans liberation, with the lyrics touching on the voyeuristic objectification of trans women and the refusal to be seen as just a fetish.
A debut EP ‘Luxurious’ followed in the summer of 2015 with the girls establishing themselves as a leading performance group on the UK LGBT scene. In July 2017 T-Party were awarded Best Vocal Group at the LGBT Sparkle Awards in Manchester and WERE subsequently invited to be the featured artists on the Transgender day of Remembrance single organised and released by the Sparkle Charity. The girls went on to perform the song for press and public at the memorial service in Manchester, a great honour for the group.
Most recently T-Party have released their newest single and music video ‘Triple X Paris’ which was recorded in Paris, and marks a move toward a more Electronic sound, influenced by their love of House music and origins on the club scene in London. 
Between writing and performing, the group have also started recording Youtube videos where they discuss all of their current projects, as well as Trans and LGBT issues. Their channel has gained over TWO HUNDRED thousand views so far.
Their most recent single 'Girls like us’ is a Trans Anthem celebrating the strength and resilience of the Transgender community, and was released in summer 2018 coinciding with their headline set at Sparkle Festival in Manchester.
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